Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Providers/Practices

Does the Care Convene platform offer more than just video visits?

While Care Convene is primarily a secure and easy to use chat / video tool, the platform also offers the capability for providers to send patients Care Assessments and receive ADT (Admit, Discharge & Transfer) notices.

Is Care Convene secure?

Care Convene adheres to all federal (HIPAA & HITECH) and state regulations regarding privacy and security.

All technical infrastructure, data and employees are located in the USA.  Our cloud host provider has been audited and attained industry certifications such as SOC 1 & 2 and HiTRUST.

How can telehealth be integrated into practice workflow?

Each practice is unique in its resources and workflows.

We recommend telehealth be used for low acuity complaints, follow-ups, routine chronic disease management and after-hours support.

How does a practice get paid?

Practices have the choice of charging flat fees that are paid by the patient’s credit card or they can zero out the visit and bill insurance.

All flat fees paid by credit card are deposited into the practice’s bank account.

How can Care Convene integrate into a practice’s EMR?

We send the visit summary to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) via secure e-fax or CCD.

HL7 connectivity is currently in development.

What is the Care Convene fee schedule?

There are no platform fees or long-term contracts.  We charge a transaction per visit and offer a monthly fee for premium services.

Can my office add non-clinical staff to the platform?

Care Convene is a practice-based solution that works best if the entire care team is using the platform, which includes non-clinical staff such as schedulers and billers.

Do I have to document in Care Convene?

While Care Convene does offer a SOAP notes section, this is not required.  We do ask that the Patient Plan / Instructions are completed so they have a record of the provider’s instructions.

If documentation is completed in Care Convene, the discharge summary that contains the documentation is sent to the practice by secure e-fax or CCD.

How does a provider access Care Convene?

Google Chrome offers the best experience when accessing our platform via web browser.

Our mobile app for Providers is available on Apple and Android devices.

The browser version provides the best experience with more “space to work”, whereas the mobile app adds flexibility and mobility.

How do I get started?

Providers can register using our online contact form, our staff is working around the clock to get new providers on our platform.

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